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7 search PPC- Intro:

Here at 7search PPC, you will get excellent Pay per click services which is explicitly designed to attract significant traffic for your advertisements. Choosing our bidding and analytics features will surely reward you the best possible traffic in no time. We provide you with a very different and unique strategy for each aspect related to pay per click to acquire the best possible traffic for your advertising campaign. With extensive network sources of traffic, you will get access to advanced analytics and bidding functions using our services. Also, best tracking tools are also available so that you can easily access the features of this website.


We provide both of the services for advertisers as well as publishers to our customers. We at 7search PPC provide best facilities to both of them. With our excellent PPC strategies, you can fetch quality real-time traffic for your business. You can increase your online sales effectively in a minimum amount of time.


If you are an advertiser and looking to promote your business through Pay per Click Service, choose 7 Search PPC for your assistant. Get efficient and quality strategies on your way of achieving laurels to your business. Use the authentic and smart bidding strategies for your product’s sales using our services. Advertisers can efficiently increase their online sales in a significant manner. The core reason behind this short period of success is a vast network of traffic sources. This PPC Company will provide you valuable traffic.

The digitalization scenario is overgrowing with smart techniques of Pay per click advertising. This type of strategies is providing more revenue than any other source of advertising strategies present in the market so far. In 7 search PPC, the smartest Pay per click strategies has been developed by experts. You can rely on our bidding tactics and run your campaigns on the internet without any issues. The bidding system is entirely secure, all the necessary information related to you and your particular ad will remain confidential in our database.


Our professional team at 7 Search PPC is highly skilled and experienced in the respective sector of Pay per click. This helps us to become even more efficient regarding bidding sector when it comes to the comparison with any other alternative so far. We have been in this profession of digital/online marketing for more than a decade now. All our programs related to affiliate marketing are excellent, they let you access far-reaching advantages while using webmaster.

The sole motive behind our strategies is to provide you quality traffic and outstanding revenue. The tricks and functions while directing the process of your ads are designed in a way that it acquires most of the possible advantages to the publisher. You will undoubtedly get quality traffic that may turn into conversions for your sale. Our highly skilled employees who hold years of experience in this sector will help you in achieve excellent outcomes for your advertisements. We will help you in generating significant revenue per sale using our fantastic bidding strategies.

Purpose of adding fund:

To run your advertisements using 7 search Pay Per Click tactics, you will have to invest a particular amount of money in 7 search PPC wallet. The amount you will add in your 7 search wallet will be consumed throughout the campaigns runs and several other bidding strategies for your advertisements. Before adding balance in your wallet, you are required to choose the type of Pay per click action for the respective ad. There are different packages for affiliate marketing as well as for pay per click. You are free to choose whichever package suitable according to your need.

Mode of Payment:

Once you have chosen a specific package for your advertisements. You can add money to your wallet using the credit card feature. Sooner the debit card alternative will also be provided in our website for payment modes. The present method of payment available on the site is the credit card. You can add money to your wallet using the credit card. Once you add the money in your wallet, you can run Pay per click ad campaign throughout the internet using our wisdom. We will introduce you with our best marketing strategies available for your ad.

Reverse transfer of balance:

If you desire to quit a particular advertisement which is no longer that productive, you can quickly stop that specific campaign. As you must have paid before running that particular campaign, you can utilize the remaining money for your other advertisement campaigns. For instance, a particular advertisement is no longer bringing you quality traffic or conversion then you may easily skip that campaign and reutilize remaining balance for other campaigns. The money which has been exhausted throughout the campaign run is not retrievable, but the remaining balance of that campaign can be transferred to the official 7 search pay per click wallet.


Though you can rely on us regarding the security of your digital money available in the wallet, the payment you have added once cannot be refundable in any circumstances. It can only be used in your advertisement campaigns and related aspects. In case you are willing to shut down a particular campaign, you can retrieve your remaining campaign balance in your account’s wallet. Further, you may process that money in other advertisement campaigns. This way you can re-process your remaining balance in other advertisement activities. But the amount can never be refunded on your official bank account or any separate digital wallet.

This is an advantage for them who are unable to produce quality and fruitful conversions for their advertisement. If you find out being in the loss in the middle of anywhere while your campaigning, you are free to quit that particular campaign right away, some part of your total campaign money would have been consumed, but the remaining amount you are left with can be transferred to your account’s wallet. Your remaining money can be retrieved and reused for other advertisement campaigns in the future. Hence, you can get back, recycle and utilize the same amount for other campaigns too.