Refund Policy

In case some amount of money has been debited from your wallet accidentally without your consent, it will be transferred back to your wallet within a few hours of a claim. You will never be charged more than the requirement to run your campaign. In case you paid the extra amount, the additional money will be returned to your wallet sooner

In the events, the extra charge has been deducted from your credit card; the money you lost will be refunded to the bank. While adding money to the wallet through your credit card mode of payment, any type of extra charge deduction will be straight away sent to your bank account within a specified amount of time.

Before you create an account for your advertisement posting, it is mandatory to accept our terms and conditions by clicking on the check button. Once you checked the terms and condition box, you agree to every regulation made by the company.

Exchange amount will be calculated as per current exchange rates. The currency considered while purchasing services from 7 Search PPC will be considered under INR. Where exchange rates will be calculated as per current exchange rates.

The amount once added to your wallet cannot be refunded back to your bank account. Your advertisement’s campaigns will further consume it. The amount added to your wallet can only be used in advertisement campaigns.

In case you consider turning off any campaign which is running low or no more producing any value to your sales, the remaining money in that particular campaign will be sent back to your account’s wallet. Further, you can use that money on other campaigns to process advertisements.